Future Health Coach Right Here

Yeah, I’m probably gonna have to do a lot of posting from now on to get myself out there…but…anyway, hey! I’m Jenelle : ) and I’m currently enrolled in online schooling to be a health coach!
So, if you’re interested in health & nutrition or simply curious as to what health coaching is or want me as your health coach or just want advice about improving your health/life in general, or just need someone to talk to about your health/life, I’m your girl! Let’s talk. I’ll talk to anyone and do my best to help you. I promise. I genuinely care.

Love: My Utmost Motivation

That must be the core of all that I am doing. That is the single most important thing to me. Love. Without it, my life is not worth living. Without it, this world is nothing.
But the definition of love has become so twisted. It’s more than the type of love found through romance so commonly sought for and over-publicized all around us. It is much deeper and more meaningful than anything we will ever feel, no matter how strong and powerful those feelings get. Talk of love may seem overrated and overdone. Yet the fact of the matter is that it will always be of importance, so it can never be talked about enough or too much.
The one reason of most significance to me as to why love is above all else is that God Himself is love. Whether you have heard this said or not, the Bible clearly states that the Creator of this world is the very essence of what we all seek. However, not everyone knows this or desires to have God as a part of their lives.
That being said, it is your choice to believe in God as love or dismiss the notion entirely. As for me, it will always be true. But because of how much love means to me, I could never shun anyone for what they choose to believe and will always care for people no matter what. I am far from perfect and countless times have lived my life through selfish decisions, but caring for others and wanting to help people and show them love has been constantly present. I fall and fail many times while still knowing for as long as I am alive I always have the opportunity to make change.
As I conclude this entry, I reflect on my passion and desire to develop into a successful health coach. I know in my heart that cannot be accomplished without love…it cannot be accomplished without God. Yes, I want to be different and stand out, but not solely for my gain. For anyone that I will end up working with, they should know that love is at the center of all I do. Through love, I put them first, do everything I can to help guide them to their desired results, and take no credit apart from God who is the driving force behind anything I am privileged to achieve.

I’m Baaaaack: My One-Sentence Return

Starting tonight, I’m establishing my goal to start posting again on here at least once a day to the best of my ability: not being hard on myself if I miss a day or two but simply striving to make the time to get something written, no matter how little or much is typed.

Prayer connects us to our source for: power, forgiveness, restoration, healing, discernment, growth, joy, peace, and dependence. It links us with our source for everything! To not pray is to, in effect, say to God, “I got this.” But we never really “have it.”…Prayer humbles us. It embraces our dependency and humbly welcomes the presence of God into our affairs.
…just because we can’t identify or “see” an answer immediately doesn’t mean there isn’t one there.
God doesn’t allow the unglued moments of our lives to happen so we’ll label ourselves and stay stuck. He allows the unglued moments to make us aware of the chiseling that needs to be done.
Ask me a question. G’head.
When you love someone, you don’t keep it in; you say it.
Melissa & Joey - Season 1 Episode 13: Enemies with Benefits
Tiffany (Joe's ex):I don't wanna scare him off. He's such a special guy. And I've dated a lot of guys. (dramatic pause, then whispering:) A loooot…
Mel:(slowly) Like a parking loooot?

I think one of the hardest things for me to do is accept all the positive I am seeing and not let that one silly doubt bring the negativity rushing back in.